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Employee Wellbeing: The Top Workplace Priority in The New Normal

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Employee Wellbeing: The Top Workplace Priority in The New Normal

The global pandemic has profoundly changed many aspects of our day-to-day lives, and the workplace tops the list for being thus affected. There is a new trend across industries to put employees and their personal needs before work and work-related objectives in any business office. Organization leaders, mentors, and HR managers have realized the importance of the wellbeing of their coworkers like never before.

Anxiety and Mental Health During the Pandemic

According to a study, more than half of the American workforce has recently admitted to feelings of depression, anxiety, and an overall deterioration in their mental health as a challenge they faced at the workplace. Though most companies made provisions for addressing these concerns and helping the workforce out with their lack of wellbeing, only about 15% of employees globally benefit from such activities or feel supported by their employers.

Companies stand to lose out substantially in terms of income and productivity. This is due to employee effort being diverted towards fighting such anxiety – calling ambulances, attending therapy sessions, and indulging in activities to increase their wellbeing.

The conclusion? It makes excellent business sense for the organization to invest in the mental wellbeing of their employees and teach wellness as a tangible skill. Organizations also need to measure the outcomes of activities that promote positivity and a healthier mindset amongst employees.

The above has also led to a shift in the HR policies of businesses and offices –prioritizing employee wellbeing and recognizing staff as individuals first and employees later.

Organizational Need to Make Wellbeing a Skill

As an extension in the above shift of HR in its outlook towards employees, wellbeing is increasingly recognized as a skill that employees need to learn. Employers need to impart this to them. They recognize and appreciate that wellness is also a skill that needs to be taught and learned, like any other skill that may enhance productivity. Apart from making your workplace COVID-safe, other measures like creating a supportive environment in the office, stressing meditation, proper nutrition, and encouraging the staff to take care of themselves are measures that all employers regularly implement.

All employee concerns and questions are formally addressed by teaching wellness and mindfulness. They feel equipped to deal with the negativity and uncertainty that this pandemic has generated. Employees also feel more prepared to address their lack of optimal mental health and motivated to battle the anxiety and tension.

A Plan of Action to Increase Wellness Levels in Employees

Just a policy on paper that advocates stressing employee wellbeing is not sufficient. There has to be a plan of action that puts steps in place to increase employees' wellness levels and resolve any negativity the resource is facing. There needs to be a multi-pronged approach the employers take to improve the wellbeing of their employees.

One aspect is what the managers and leaders themselves are doing, as mentors, to help make the employee more secure, comfortable, and anxiety-free at the workplace. You could have one-on-one conversations and calls made to subordinates and peers, asking after their welfare, as an example. Communicating to them and sharing info on how they can improve their wellbeing is another thing that can be done. Introducing helplines (preferably anonymously and privately) is another method to combat anxiety and stress.

The following approach is employee-centric, in which they are taught mindfulness and being well at heart themselves. This is done by introducing yoga and talk therapy sessions, incentivizing regular exercising, and encouraging correct nutrition.

There's an opportunity for businesses to develop their employees' abilities to improve their wellbeing. Cogent has more information to share with you on this and similar topics. Do visit our website for related information.

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