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January 23, 2024

Cogent Infotech Appraised at Maturity Level 3 of CMMI V2.0

Cogent Infotech
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January 23, 2024

Pittsburgh, PA, USA ( March 1, 2023)— Cogent Infotech was successfully appraised at Maturity Level 3 of CMMI V2.0.

The CMMI appraisal identifies strengths and weaknesses within business processes and how they compare to CMMI best practices. It provides a reliable, clear, consistent, and actionable focus on performance improvements that will impact the business and improve quality.

Cogent Infotech, a fast-growing government contractor, has successfully completed the rigorous CMMI appraisal, solidifying its commitment to delivering top-quality solutions and services to its clients. They have a strong team, well-defined guidelines, are focused on reusability, and lay a major focus on documentation. This appraisal demonstrates the company's ability to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of its clients by effectively managing resources, budgets, and timelines. They are confident that this recognition will enable them to set new benchmarks in the industry and expand their footprint to reach new industry verticals.

Nandan Banerjee, CEO of Cogent Infotech, said, "We are delighted with the CMMI appraisal at Maturity Level 3 and express our gratitude to the CMMI team. The successful implementation of CMMI practices will allow us to set new goals in our journey and facilitate an enhanced client experience​."

Manu Mehta, President of Cogent Infotech, acknowledged, "The CMMI appraisal and the ISO 9001, 20000, and 27001 certifications reinforce our commitment to providing quality technology solutions that have favorable outcomes through continuous process improvement. We will continue to maintain optimal quality of services and provide our clients with solutions that offer measurable impact on their bottom line."

About Cogent Infotech

Cogent Infotech is an award-winning global IT consulting firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. It serves over 100 government agencies, 65+ Fortune 500s, and global system integrators with technology consulting and workforce development solutions. Their services range from Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Application Development to Analytics & AI. With 19+ years of experience, Cogent Infotech prioritizes quality assurance, flexibility, and client satisfaction and has been recently recognised with 10+ awards for workplace culture, diversity, and growth.

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+1 (877) 71 - ITUSA

+1 (412) 835 - 2700

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