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What is Cloud Economics?

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Cloud economics refers to the basic principles of shifting one's business to the cloud. For example, cloud economics provides cloud servers' total cost breakup vis-a-vis a traditional on-premise server. Companies can also analyze logistics, and business optimization, with cloud upgrades. One can even upscale or downscale cloud services based on their business requirements with ease.

Cloud economics uses two principles of scaling up your services as your business expands, avoiding the need for geographic-specific solutions (on-premise). 

What are the Benefits of Cloud Economics?

By applying the principles of cloud economics, businesses get numerous benefits like cost savings, better scaling options, and faster operations.

  • Businesses do not need to invest in costly hardware and software components like an on-premise solution. They need to transfer their applications to a third-party server, often managed by an IT service provider. Hence, the IT teams can reduce the hassle of maintaining complex hardware on their premises.
  • Unlike an on-premise solution, businesses can scale up cloud services as their operations grow. This leads to comparatively lower charges for the service upgrade.
  • IT teams can save on operational costs by reducing complexity and preventing working in IT silos.
  • The cloud enhances the agility of your business operations without installing additional plugins or integrations. In this way, you can promptly respond to market changes and stay ahead of the competition, thus enhancing revenue growth.

Significant Components of Cloud Economics

Before switching your business to the cloud, it is necessary to hold a preliminary assessment of an organization's needs.

  • Define the short-term and long-term goals of cloud migration. Ensure that it is aligned with your business mission.
  • Work out the estimated costs of transitioning to the cloud. Analyze your present business costs comprising labor costs, data maintenance, and software licenses. Ensure that the amount is lower than on-premise solutions.
  • Shortlist a suitable cloud solution from a hybrid, private, or public cloud. A private cloud is a good bet if you are a large organization. But, these days, businesses are switching over to the hybrid model.
  • Understand the migration costs by evaluating different cloud vendors. Ensure that they charge a reasonable yet competitive amount for training, data security, app integration, etc.

Who is a Cloud Economist?

A cloud economist is an IT expert who can evaluate the pros and cons of your IT infrastructure and suggest a cost-effective cloud migration strategy. You can be well-prepared to handle any cloud security challenges with their inputs.

Dos And Don'ts of Cloud Economics

Migration to the cloud seems simple, but you should consider certain factors.

  • Make decisions based on objective analysis of your IT system.
  • Do not assume the performance of your cloud server. Have the right automation tools to track the performance statistics.
  • Ensure that you train your workforce to meet the demands of cloud technology. Every worker needs to be educated on the potential business benefits of the cloud.
  • Do not become overconfident about estimating the cloud pricing. Confirm your analysis with a credible third-party source.
  • Ensure existing applications are compatible with computing technology. Do not forget to upgrade them.

Migration to the cloud is a challenging task that may take days to figure out. You might need the help of an expert IT service provider right from the planning process to make your migration hassle-free.

With Cogent Infotech, you can access exciting cloud services like cloud migration, infrastructure support, and DevOps automation. For instance, Cogent has expertise in migration to key platforms like SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. With a faster and agile cloud environment, Cogent makes sure that the transition process is quicker and more efficient. Also, ensures the timely release of new software with quality deployment.

Cogent believes in providing excellent cloud services and making your migration process hassle-free. Contact us at Cogent today to start your cloud transition process!

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