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Monetize your customer's voice with 5X faster insights
about your brand, industry, competition and audience
using our custom social intelligence AI. Your business comes first

Powerful analytics
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inCIght Services

we help you L.E.A.D. with our listening, engagement, analytics and development solutions
Artificial Intelligence
Develop a custom AI and solve specific business problems with highly accurate and scalable solutions
Data Analytics
Go from data to action with a solution built for you.
Social Intelligence
monetize consumer voice with insights into your brand, competition, industry, and target audience
Customer Attribution
Learn what customers want and get insights on how to communicate with them?
Customer Churn
How to increase Customer Retention and identify signals that lead to churning
Customer Life Time Value
What factors positively influence spends?
Marketing Mix Modeling
How effective are your marketing Initiatives
Recommendation Engines
How to create smart recommendations based on customer preferences?
Segmentation and Targeting
How to identify and match the right customer with the right offering
Audience Intelligence
Put consumer segmentation and cultural understanding at the center of your strategy.
Brand Audits
Garner a deep understanding of your brand
Campaign Analysis
Use social media inisghts to optimize, measure and analyse your campaign
Competitor Analysis
Gain strategic insights about your competitor
Industry Analysis
Identify and understand influential forces in your industry.
Influencer Intelligence
Find and enagage with influencers that drive the most value for your brand
Media Monitoring
Monitor your brand across social, search, broadcast, radio and podcasts with the worlds most comrehensive media monitoring platform
Reputation Management
Get early stage insights into your businesses online reputation and manage negative buzz before it goes viral.
AI Automation
Use AI to automate and deliver customized experiences for your customers.
Social Channel Analytics
Optimize your ROI by investing in messages that consumers love.
Web Analytics
Unlock detailed web and mobile analytics, multi-site grouping, visitor segmentation, action alerts, data sources, cross-category analysis, video measurement and reporting, and web 2.0 optimization

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