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January 30, 2024

Tech for Good - What Are the Challenges in Making Technology More Sustainable

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January 30, 2024

Tech for Good - What Are the Challenges in Making Technology More Sustainable

Introduction –

Advancements in technology constantly bring about possibilities for sustainability. Sustainable economic growth occurs due to the evolution in the information technology industrial processes. In times of extreme global crises or natural disasters, technology has often come to the rescue. This article will cover the pertinence of technology during tough times.

Technology and its Sustainable Development –

Technology brings together change-makers and world leaders as it helps in sustainable development. During the pandemic, technology helped with socializing, learning, shopping online, and doctor consultations. Additionally, high-tech production has accelerated financial growth and economic recovery.

According to the UN's Sustainable Development Report 2021, tech industries have solely taken the growth level to 4% in the third and fourth quarters of 2020.  

Technology is constantly driving significant progress with sustainable development goals. However, without adequate control, technology can intensify imbalances as well.

The Information Technology sector is the third-largest electricity consumer in the world. Subsequently, it is currently responsible for nearly 3% of global carbon emissions. The world needs effective technology governance to gain adequate control. COVID19 has brought a significant increase in internet use. According to some predictions, the annual growth of connected devices is increasing by 12 percent every year, and this growth rate will continue over the next decade.

Also, technology governance should protect users against biased algorithms, data privacy, unethical use of corporate and individual data, etc.

With the increase in dependency on technology and the internet, the rate of cybercrime has also gone rogue. Both individuals and enterprises should work together to fight back these technology hazards to keep technology in its sustainable ecosystem.

Sustainable Development goals –

  • Innovation, industrial development, and modern infrastructure:

Using the latest infrastructure and upgrading technological capabilities can boost productivity effectively. Every country should promote domestic technology R&D and increase access to information and communications technology (ICT).

  • Economic growth:

To achieve sustainable development goals, economic growth, diversification, & modern infrastructure are essential. Fostering an environment of innovation and entrepreneurial approaches at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises is of great importance as well.

Conclusion –

Making technology a solid sustainable developmental entity will require securing personal digital assets, adhering to cybersecurity, promoting artificial intelligence, and utilizing automation systems. So far, we can witness substantial progress in R&D investment – up to $2.2 trillion in 2017, from $1.4 trillion in 2010. According to the UN's latest SDG progress report, in 2020, "almost the entire world population lived within reach of mobile networks." Apart from innovation and economic growth, governance should also heed to recycling and disposal of e-waste.

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