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5 Social Listening Hacks for the Automotive Industry

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Social Listening (SL) is a growing concept in this digital era. Maintaining your brand value and serving your customers are necessary. Let's dive into what 'Social listening' is and how SL tools can help you:

  • 'Listening to the right words and topics' around your brand in this information-overloaded digital world.
  • Not missing any relevant opportunity to build your brand's trust and value. 
  • It ensures you listen at the right place and right time. 
  • SL tools play a vital role and help brands monitor all their social mentions, keywords, and related competition.
  • It ensures you are alert to what your consumers and potential customers want from you and your product.
  • It helps you keep better track of the real-time conversations and public sentiments which revolve around your brand and not miss them.
  • At times brands can convert their competitor's customers into theirs while entertaining them in the right way and at the right time of need.
  • Maintaining brand image becomes easy with social listening tools.
  • SL Tools like Brand24, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc., help you monitor your social presence and response in real-time. 
  • They help you keep track and alert you of all the mentions, comments, or questions people ask around your brand.
  • With these SL tools, you can track any mention where you have not been tagged, or someone used your name without mentioning you.

3 types of social media listening help brands convert the competition in their favor. It's the listening, i.e., tracking relevant conversations, monitoring the responses (responding with the relevance of words and time), and strategizing to build their audience base (converting competition to their leads).

The automotive industry is big, and even a slight negative sentiment can result in substantial financial losses. Hence these automotive giants have to be extra alert and cautious to monitor and respond to each mention, query, or comparison that any potential consumer makes.

They have to keep an eye like a watchdog over the internet to turn any opportunity into a possibility in their favor.Social Listening help these brands gain every possible insight to gain more leads and create more opportunities.  

Let's check out the 5 Social Listening hacks for the automotive industry. The competition in the automotive industry is huge, so these companies need to carefully listen to and track their and their competitor's every mention. They also need to monitor all the phrases and sub-keywords around their industry to strategize for the next big moves and build customer trust.

5 important hacks for the automotive industry are as under:

  • Help businesses maintain their social image – (manage customer complaints, respond to queries, or any direct questions or inquiries)
  • Generate more leads,
  • Better serve existing customers,
  • Innovating to grow their business and brand,
  • Beating the competition by keeping the innovation rolling – (keeping track of the latest business and industry trends and keeping an eye to stay ahead of the market or monitoring the campaigns launched by competitors.)

Maintaining brand / social image 


Automotive brands can track and maintain their social image with the SL tools in real-time. When this consumer writes a negative comment to tarnish the brand's image, Toyota can respond and handle the situation and the public sentiments in real-time.

Have a look at another example. Here when some consumers are trying to lie in court and negate the very essential, Nissan company was able to prove that the EDR (Event Data Recorder) was present in their vehicle and save the brand from any such negative situations.  

SL tools help you track all your social mentions in real-time. Automotive brands can handle any of their customer complaints, maintain a healthy relationship with all their customers, and respond to any of their queries in real-time.

Generate more leads 

Tracking the keywords and other sub-key phrases around your keywords help you find more leads and convert your potential customers into happy customers. Look how Volkswagen can convert a potential lead into a happy customer by just building trust via responding in real-time to build its image in this consumer's mind.

Here's another example. Look here, while the competitors of Hyundai company can enter the conversation in real-time to turn the situation in their favor and convert a possible lead into their customers. While checking the words around their keywords and words around the competition through social listening in real-time, they can have the benefit from any such situation to beat up their competitors and drag the customer base in their favor.

‍Serving better to your customer base

Here, a customer talks about Toyota being better than Tesla. Toyota can build its brand and enhance trust to build public sentiments around this tweet. It can maintain its customer base and generate more leads by serving its existing customers better.

New product development

Automotive giants need innovate the new products, features, accessories, and technologies -

Check out here in this tweet. While a customer complains about a missing feature in Honda and praises Ford, Honda has an added advantage to get an idea to innovate and provide the possible solution to its customer and overcome the threats of competition.

Beating the competition and keeping the innovation rolling

Competitors of Hyundai can keep track of what their competitors are up to and can have an idea of where to innovate, what geographical areas to focus and what areas to take up to beat the competition. Keeping an eye as a watchdog on all the keywords, sub-keywords, and phrases around your brand and those in the industry or competitors gives you an added advantage.


Monitoring with SL tools also helps you keep track of the latest trends and gives you the ideas for innovation and new products rolling in the market. Here, keeping track of the latest news provides Suzuki competitors with what's going on in the market and industry, and they can get insights on how they can innovate better and bring a better product. 

Suppose a piece of news mentions that the new Brezza by Maruti Suzuki has an electric sunroof and gives the idea to its competitors to invent something better than this to remain in the market and overcome competition. SL not only help you in keeping track of your own brand's online presence but also what's trending in real-time.

Having these incredible hacks in your grasp with the aid of SL tools will give you an edge to stay ahead of the competition. These tools also provide great insights on audience behavior and habits, which social media platforms they spend their most time with, and many valuable insights to make your focus to conquer those platforms. 

Regarding brand reputation, these tools also aid you in crisis management with their auto-build mechanism of real-time alerts. When someone posts something or mentions your brand online, these alerts notify you in real-time.

Many times a consumer wants recommendations as well. While a consumer is confused about which brand to buy, automotive brands can monitor recommendation requests to inform the leads about the features or qualities their vehicle possesses and how they are better than their competitors to convert the leads into happy customers. 

Automotive giants must deal with heavy marketing as 90% of car buyers research online before making a decision. They compare brands and their features with their competitive prices. The brands must play very strategically to lead in this tough competition. SL provides them with market trends and public sentiments and helps them know their consumers' requirements.

Brands that innovate to bring technological changes are the ones that attract consumers. Taking the lead in marketing campaigns and strategizing marketing while knowing your exact customer requirements will keep the brands ahead amid high competition.

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