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2022 Biggest Hotel Industry Trends

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2022 Biggest Hotel Industry Trends

After a pandemic-induced slowdown, the hotel industry is coming back on its feet as travel restrictions ease out worldwide. The hotel industry is expected to register substantial growth in 2022 compared to the two-year lean period set in motion by the pandemic. However, to make full use of this opportunity, hospitality businesses must learn to meet specific challenges.

3 Biggest Trends in the Hotel Industry in 2022

Here are some of the trends expected to impact the hotel industry in 2022

Noise Levels

Noisy rooms are a big no-no in 2022. Loud neighbors are among the most frequent complaints put forth by travelers. Moreover, most complaints are recorded late at night or early in the morning.

Investing in sound-proofing rooms may seem costly but can reduce customer complaints substantially.

We can start with small steps. Offering complimentary earplugs and then moving to install double-glazed windows is an option worth considering. In the end, our goal must be to help customers relax.

Breakfast Spread

Breakfast can be crucial in driving the guest satisfaction score during the stay. The online conversations about hotel breakfast have been twice as joyful as other aspects of the visit, according to a Brandwatch study.

As they say, food is the way to heart, and hotels can map this journey efficiently by offering a good breakfast spread. However, breakfast need not be limited to the buffet. We must upgrade our room service and provide more dining options for better results. This strategy is expected to increase the number of positive reviews on social media for the hotel.

Afternoon Hours

The modern consumer expects real-time assistance from a brand. As a result, it is essential to identify the most popular hours when our audience is online.

As per research, afternoon hours from 3 to 5 pm are the most popular. It is a good idea to have someone from the team assist with customer queries and complaints during this window. If implemented correctly, this can improve the customer satisfaction scores substantially.


The year 2022 offers massive growth potential for hotels. Businesses in the hospitality sector must consider that all guests have different requirements. Catering to these needs can help improve their industry standing. At the same time, other factors like customer service, quiet rooms, and good food can help in driving brand reputation and popularity among consumers.

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What are the Future Trends in the Hospitality Industry?

The biggest future trends for the hospitality industry are sustainability, growing demand, and finding the right balance between various stay options.

What are the Latest Innovations in the Hotel Industry?

The increasing role of technology in the hotel industry is driving the latest innovations like phone-as-key cards, self-service check-in, bring your content platforms, etc.

Is the Hospitality Industry Growing in 2022?

The hospitality industry is expected to nearly return to the pre-pandemic levels in 2022, registering solid year-on-year growth.

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