Platforms and Toolkits to Specialize in to Accelerate Your Career as a Java Programmer

9:07 am
January 15, 2021
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Platforms and Toolkits to Specialize in to Accelerate Your Career as a Java Programmer

Accelerate Your Career as a Java Programmer

Java is a very versatile programming language which has been around for over two decades. Despite the growing popularity of other languages such as Python and Go, Java is still one of the preferred programming languages in the software industry. Given the versatility of the language, here are 3 skills a Java programmer can pick up to accelerate their career.

Android Studio

Android studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Android OS.  Learning how to code on Android studio can be a stepping stone for a Java developer into the world of app development.  It also provides an emulator extension that simulates a mobile environment on the PC. 

Standard Widget Toolkit

The Standard Widget Toolkit is a graphical widget toolkit developed by IBM for use with the Java platform. Developers can leverage their knowledge of this toolkit to grow into desktop GUI application development.

Java EE

Java EE (or Java Platform, Enterprise Edition) is an extension of Java with specifications for several enterprise features such as web services and distributed computing. Working with Java EE can enable a Java developer to build and maintain enterprise software. 


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