Programming for Beginners: Common fears and how to overcome them

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Programming for Beginners: Common fears and how to overcome them

Learning to code is a rewarding process, even though it starts as an overwhelming one. People who start learning to program often complain about the sheer volume of new concepts they have to learn. The idea of working hard to apply those skills is even less appealing. While these people at least have the resolve to start learning to program, others think of programmers as a completely different breed. For them, it is not something that they can handle due to their perceived lack of intelligence.

In this blog, we will try to understand the fears and perceptions people have towards programming. In the later part, we will discuss some solutions to their problems.

Myths Associated with Coding

1. Coding is for intelligent people:

‍This is a super common myth that creates an aversion in people towards coding. They believe that only people with high IQs and good grades are good enough to code. Well, here is a fact – many successful coders have never been formally trained as coders. It is normal to feel challenged trying to understand the logic behind a code. However, it is not that difficult with a little bit of guidance.

2. Thinking it is too late:

Some believe that there is a perfect age to learn to code. If you get into coding after that, you are certainly doomed. That might be the case for other things, but you can learn coding at any age. Programming is a life-long learning process. There are always new technologies around the corner that programmers learn to develop new software applications. So age is never an issue; your resolve is.

3. Afraid to fail:
  1. ‍Fear of failure is something almost everyone has. However, the key to greatness is to overcome that. We are lucky that Newton or Galileo or Einstein, or many others like them, could overcome theirs. If they had shied away from their fears, human civilization would still be in the medieval era. 
4. They think it is expensive:

‍Some people reject the idea of learning to code because they believe it would burn a hole in their pocket. It would have been true if we were in the 90s when having a computer was a luxury. It is not so today. Additionally, numerous online resources available today are either free of cost or made affordable for everyone.

How to Overcome the Fear of Programming?

1. Start Learning a Language:

‍Start learning a programming language without overthinking it. Pick a language you want. Java is one of the most popular choices among beginners. It has a wide range of applications and thus professional opportunities in the digital world. As the concepts with other languages remain the same, taking up Java in the beginning, does not limit you in any way. So, the only thing that remains is to find some reliable resources. After that, master the language you have started with before moving to another one.

2. Start with the basics:

The best way to ruin your learning experience is to not practice the basics enough before jumping to the advanced stuff. If someone tries learning all the programming concepts on day one, they will stop programming on day zero. Thus, the right thing is to learn the basics and practice making basic programs first. Good things happen to those who wait.

3. Learn to Google:

‍There are many credible learning resources out there on the internet. So whenever you feel stuck, there is no shame in searching the internet. Professional developers are doing it all the time.

4.Build a Project:

Once you have gone through the concepts, the best way to practice is to put your programming skills to some actual use. Building a project helps to bring together all the diverse concepts one learns in silos. It is the most recommended way to build confidence as a programmer.


‍There is no better suggestion than this while learning a new craft – practice. Code every day. It not only enables you to sharpen their programming skills, but it makes you more confident in your professional journey ahead.

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