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Staffing Services

Find the right people to meet your specific needs
Managed Services
Professional Staffing
IT Staffing
Campus Recruitment
Recruit from a wide choice of fresh talent for entry-level roles. This group lives and breathes tech. Unlock the untapped potential of a tech generation, best suited for roles of the future
Direct Hire
Hiring the right candidate leads to higher productivity and retention. Fill long-term positions by recruiting top 5% talent with our direct-hire services.
IT Training
Keep pace with industry trends and technological advancements by upskilling and reskilling your existing workforce. Benefit from low recruitment costs and employee turnover, a motivated workforce, and client satisfaction
Independent Contractor
Benefit from high-quality work with reduced labor and fixed costs, and liability reductions. With Cogent, get access to high-quality talent in just a few steps. Contact us to learn more.
Payroll Process Outsourcing [PPO]
Our experts and industry-leading processes help you stay on top of your payroll processing. Benefit from higher productivity and on-time processing, enhanced data security, no IRS penalties, and time savings. Contact us to know more.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing [RPO]
Our 18+ years of experience with government and fortune 500s powers a robust recruitment process that consistently gives you access to top talent while spending less time and money.

Clients Who Trust Us

Our 17+ year track record has many highlights, here are some of them.
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