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Why You Should Invest In Unconventional Talent?

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Have you ever come across a person who is a jack of all trades?

Diversity in organizations is a yardstick to measure performance and evaluate talent. Should you invest in unconventional talent? Yes. 

Let's now understand the "WHY" part. 

  1. Encourages diversity: Unconventional talent is ungroomed with a pre-determined skill-set. This talent learns from different experiences in their life. It allows you to diversify the talent pool at your organization, tapping their potential and achieving goals. 
  2. Allows you to give up traditional hiring: In a conventional hiring process, you emphasize job titles, skill sets, and more. Hiring unconventional talent defies all these parameters. You are laying the foundation of welcoming an extraordinary talent workforce that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. 
  3. Diminishing the fine line between conventional training and onboarding: Hiring unconventional talent allows your organization to grow as a whole. The unconventionally talented workforce brings in fresh ideas, raising the overall rhythm of your organization. There is no need for formal training as they are quick to adapt to the ongoing practices in the organization. 
  4. Allows the talent to work with you: In conventional hiring processes, you often sideline the less-skilled. Opening a line for hiring unconventional talent supports them to dream of working for top organizations. 
  5. Encourages communication: With unconventional talent added to your workforce, there is room for communicating the different practices at your workplace. You can offer them mentoring to build a skill-set that will help maximize their potential. It allows healthy debates and effective decision-making. 


Various organizations are ready to break through the confines and notions. Unconventional talent is the future of workplace diversity. If you can allow this talent to offer you a view through their lens and challenge the existing career paths, you have the answer to "why you should invest in unconventional talent?" An investment in them is an investment in company. 

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