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Why You Should Go for a Walk: 4 Benefits to Productivity

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You may have heard about sitting being the new smoking as unhealthy. Nowadays, more companies are trying to shift towards getting things done when their employees are walking, thus paving the way for multiple benefits.

It is often more accessible for people to think and troubleshoot when on their feet instead of when they are sedentary and inactive. Moreover, walking is a great exercise and helps with better mental stimulation. Let us consider some of the walking benefits.

Walking boosts creativity

When individuals regularly walk, their ability to think outside the box and be creative and flexible increases.

 Numerous studies from reputed institutions proved that individuals' creative output increased by >50% when they walked. This was particularly evident when people walked outdoors.

Walking increases focus and individual engagement

When employees or colleagues walk together, they tend to engage more honestly with each other than meeting in a restaurant. This is because walking is a shared activity, which fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness in the employees.

Meetings conducted while employees or staff walk together lead to 8.5% more engagement and better focus for all individuals.

Walking helps people bond together.

In contrast to sitting in a conference room, walking together makes employees feel closer to each other as if they share similar circumstances and goals. Thus, walking employees share a strong bond, leading to better team spirit.

Walking generates hormones that aid with relaxation.

Whenever an individual performs an exercise, it releases endorphins in the bloodstream. These are feel-good chemicals and help people relax and feel better in general. Thus, walking is great for improving one's mood.

How a company walkathon can help in improving employees' overall health

Walkathons are a low-impact physical exercise with several health advantages. Walking has not only physical but also mental benefits. While walkathons are primarily about attaining personal goals, they are also a team sport, and healthy competition is necessary for team members to develop respect for one another. 

A walkathon is beneficial to your employees' overall health, and Walkathons might motivate employees to start walking regularly. It is a physical exercise that enhances physical health while also lowering stress levels, and Walk-a-thons are a great way to get your company's wellness program off to a good start.

A few of the most prominent benefits of walkathons are:
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Lowers stress levels, which improves mood
  • Improves sleep habits
  • Benefits your joints
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • It helps to develop a sense of community 
  • It makes you feel more energized and engaged

Walking improves concentration, individual involvement, and creativity. It improves physical and mental health, which in turn enhances productivity.

 It is one of the best exercises for the overall well-being of an individual. Hence it is recommended to walk at least 30 min a day.

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