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Why Conversational Intelligence is a Must-Have for Business Growth

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Why Conversational Intelligence is a Must-Have for Business Growth

Your customers generate large masses of data daily - data that can be leveraged to meet their dynamic requirements and grow your business. This is where conversational intelligence comes into the picture. While social listening can help you gauge the popularity of a brand, conversational intelligence takes it a level further. It transforms the daily conversations of your target audience into actionable intelligence. 

Cogent inCIghts, the audience and business analytics division of Cogent Infotech, takes this a step further by consolidating data generated via multiple tools into a single platform. With AI-driven analytics (and human intervention, of course), you can gain a much better understanding of the way your customers perceive your brand. 

Real-Time Audience Analytics - Sourced From a Single, Consolidated Platform

By integrating the data you own, the information you earn, and the data you have purchased, conversational intelligence can also help you monitor the performance of your campaigns in real-time. This can prove to be an excellent tool for small and medium-sized businesses since it enables them to analyze their customer conversations centered around the campaign. In turn, this will allow quicker campaign optimizations and help companies gain greater value from their budgets. 

To conclude - conversational intelligence can help a business learn about what their target audiences are talking about, which platforms they’re communicating on, and the factors that influence their opinions. 


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