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Using Digital Tech To Support Employees Mental Health And Resilience

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Has the COVID pandemic taken a toll on the mental health and resilience of your employees? Yes, it has. Harvard reports show that 42% of employees globally suffered a decline in their mental health. 

Resilience, or the ability to adapt to life's changes and disappointments, is a vital idea based on mental strength and well-being. To support their workplaces and employee well-being, more employers are turning to digital tools. There are a bewildering number of mental health technologies available, and picking the right one necessitates a thorough awareness of the landscape. Here are some ways you can use digital tech: 

Digitized communications:

Many persons with mental illnesses feel more comfortable talking about their problems and issues using a virtual platform such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet than they do in person. Compared to in-person therapy, digital apps are also less expensive, allow flexible scheduling, and do not involve travel. 

Use AI-chatbots:

Make use of AI-trained chatbots to offer cognitive behavioral therapy effectively. This sort of virtual treatment can successfully reduce anxiety, sadness, sleeplessness, and other diseases with significant patient participation.

Solves managerial issues:

You can use technology to promote organizational best practices in the workplace to tackle mental health difficulties.

Encourages goal-setting:

Companies can use an app called Remente that promotes goal-setting. It allows users to check their moods, create daily goals, and set longer-term objectives. Employee support, work-life balance, performance, and satisfaction are all improved because of this program.


Understand that supporting mental health extends beyond simply providing technology. Companies must have a collaborative culture. To read more articles, visit  

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