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November 8, 2021

Three Actions CEO Can Take to Get Value from Cloud Computing

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November 8, 2021

In the post–COVID world, where businesses have pivoted to match the new consumption patterns, digitization is inevitable. But even though companies have had to adopt the cloud, the adoption seems to be slow. This is where CEOs need to step in to help make a move to the cloud seamless and easy for the people within the organization. Here are three things that CEOs can take to gain more value from cloud computing and ensure seamless digital adoption.

Sustainable Business Model

Funding is an essential part of moving to the cloud. From changing the way you are currently conducting your business to leveraging new infrastructure, you will be causing many changes in your industry. As a result, you will need to invest in the infrastructure, the tools, and the technologies.

As a CEO, you need to create a business model that ensures that every investment offers a good return value for your business. Then, gauge the investments you make so that you can maximize business growth and value.

Redefine your Operating Models

When moving to the cloud, you need to question the cloud readiness of the existing platform. This could be the technology models or the business infrastructure. In addition, you will want to make a move to the cloud seamless.

Apply new technologies to your traditional IT methods so that you can leverage the cloud abilities and make your business more agile.

 Better Policies for the Team

Once you move to the cloud, you need to sustain your business there. For this purpose, you need a reliable and efficient team. That’s where your policies and HR abilities come to play.

Make sure you compensate your team well and have policies to enable them to stay longer with the company.


As a CEO, you might want to ensure greater agility and better cloud abilities for your business. Evaluating the cloud ability and engaging the right team can guarantee cloud success.


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