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Speech Analytics: Insights from Human Voice

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Speech Analytics: Insights from Human Voice


Speech analytics and voice analytics are essential to enhancing the overall customer experience. In addition, they help understand customer needs and wants and provide companies with market intelligence. Speech analytics analyses the entire conversation, whereas voice analytics analyses how it was said. 

The tools and algorithms used for speech analytics are enhanced with emerging technologies. 

For example, the call recording quality is improving due to modern technologies. It helps reduce challenges in determining customers' direct voices from recordings. Advanced tools can efficiently process raw human voice datasets. These improved insights open doors to better business opportunities by providing in-depth knowledge about consumer feedback, trends, and demands. 

Emerging technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) are used in speech analytics tools and algorithms. These technologies help organizations gain the opportunity to improve their operational efficiency, performance, and compliance.  

Improved Human Speech Recognition

Previously, speech processing models were used to analyze samples from the reference dataset using keywords. Filtering the information by keywords or specific words often leads to the poor categorization of valuable consumer information.

Advanced speech processing algorithms and models offer the entire meaning of the conversation by analyzing the whole dataset.  

New-age Artificial Intelligence (AI) and NLP models have advanced computational skills and human-like intelligence capabilities. Transformer-based language models offer automated speech recognition with accurate transcription, password protection, and data masking.

Thus, companies can use the information extracted from speech processing tools to enhance their operation and outcome, such as improved customer satisfaction, reduced call volumes, and increased sales.

Now, AI-powered real-time speech analytics solutions are available to enhance customer experience and the overall customer journey. Examples include:

  • Fraud detection
  • NPS score prediction
  • Customer satisfaction insights
  • Guided recommendations
  • Reduced compliance issues
  • Mitigating liability risks

NLP and Analytics for Speech

Speech analytics with modern technologies offer endless use cases – from operational excellence to sales in specific industries. Some of its advantages and the process to implement are discussed below:

Increased data coverage

Insights from human voices can be enhanced if all the structured and unstructured speech data is analyzed instead of samples from available data.  

Faster insights into human voice

Automated AI and NLP processing and transcription models provide speedier analysis of the entire data set. Transformer-based speech analytics is more accurate and about 400% faster than speech analytics based on RNN and CNN.

Enhanced customer experience

Modern speech analytics tools and models analyze entire voice data instead of samples, providing sentiment analysis like negative customer experience indicators, customer engagement, and empathy statements. It supports teams in precisely diagnosing and understanding the meaning of the information and developing planning and strategies to enhance customer experience

Creating better interactions

Companies can generate action-based insights from speech analytics that helps create a favorable external environment for customers to communicate and interact with the brand. 

Better business opportunities

Insights from human voices can give insights into a company's business, helping teams understand business opportunities. These opportunities range from enhancing product or service features to call center management. 

Call Center Speech Insights

Companies can provide a better experience to their customers and employees if they can successfully capture, analyze, extract, and act on the voice data set to understand why their customers call. 

Call center data capturing has four steps:

  • Creating use cases of speech insights like understanding customer sentiments, workforce management, etc.
  • Thinking systematically through strategic objectives and planning to enhance product and service quality, ultimately meeting business objectives
  • Partnering with the right speech analysis provider that provides good quality recording and precise insights to understand intention from transcriptions precisely
  • Listening to the business's front line, i.e., customers, to enhance business through detailed speech insights

Conclusively, speech analytics transforms businesses through better human voice insights and customer satisfaction. Modern speech analytics technologies enhance customer insights, leading to satisfying customer support and business growth. Thus, speech analytics has become a core part of business analysis and customer support.

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