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Smart Data Mindset In The Age Of Big Data

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Smart Data Mindset In The Age Of Big Data

The actual Value of any data, whether on-premises or in clouds, lies in its core applications and how it is processed and actioned into an organization. But before we can achieve actionable data from chunks of big data, relevant data must be extracted and implemented into business workflows for automating specific models. If this data, irrespective of volume, enhances end-user experiences, it becomes essential for long-term goals. This is what we call Smart Data.

The fundamentals of an actionable smart data

If you recall the infamous four V of Big Data “ Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity “ Smart Data is about Veracity, with another V included, which denotes Value. Therefore with intelligent data, enterprises focus more on smaller chunks of data that can be actionable for addressing business challenges. The key objective of smart data is to leverage an objective decision-making function in enterprises based on analysis and interpretation by AI and Machine Learning.

Can big data be turned into smart data with speed and reliability?

Enterprises and IoT applications have also felt the need to implement AI at its core. And with analytics and Machine Learning constantly churning the big unstructured data, it is being turned into smart data. However, an essential question is whether this growing volume of unstructured data can be quickly implemented into businesses while still relevant. The infographic below, by McKinsey & Company, shows the integral steps of achieving actionable data.

Now that we have smart data, how can we measure its usefulness?

Even before making smart data actionable, we must understand why we want them and where to begin. Smart data isn't about volume, neither about its technology. Instead, smart information is about its relevance, with layers of intelligence built right into how we gather, filter, analyze, interpret, and improve overall. Despite the fast-changing business dynamics, very few business workflows are defined and optimized enough for implementing an automated structure.

Can my business benefit from smart data?

Despite the scale of your business and initial investments, you can implement smart data. However, an unanswered question remains! How can small and medium-sized enterprises utilize this heavy investment infrastructure? That's why, at Cogent InCIghts, we leverage AI-driven analytic solutions to turn big data into smart data and make it actionable. For more info on this topic, please visit Cogent Infotech or drop an email at

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