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Rules of Dressing for Online Interviews (Zoom)

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Rules of dressing for online interviews (zoom)

What To Wear For a Zoom Interview

Technology has invaded our lifestyle like never before, which also applies to the hiring processes nowadays. A larger number of HR personnel and managers are switching to online hiring processes. Zoom is a pretty well-known online platform used for online interviews. For online interviews, too, you need to be suitably dressed to make that great first impression. This article talks about certain dos and don’ts to follow when presenting yourself for a Zoom interview:

Dress smartly and formally:

You always dress up for a face-to-face interview, so why should online interviews be any different? Your attire should be neat and formal, keeping the occasion in mind. At no point should it be overtly casual (read ripped jeans), untidy and crumpled up or revealing, and too gaudy. Also, keep in mind the position you have applied for when you dress up. For senior positions which would involve interactions with the public, smart suits for men and a formal blouse/shirt with trousers or skirt for women is advisable. A slightly casual tone is okay if the position is junior or a starter/beginner profile. In that case, a simple blouse or shirt with ironed trousers that fit well should do the trick. Whatever the position might be, you need to give off a genuine and pleasant vibe, and your clothes should do that for you.

Dress, So You Enhance Your Personality:

Your attire is the first thing that your interviewers are going to notice about you. Apart from the above points, make sure your clothes suit your body type and make you look smart, confident, and ready for the job. Select the colour of your clothes, keeping in mind your skin tone. The cut of your clothes should be sharp and exude professionalism and purpose. So worn-out texture or colour, faded patches, and areas of the cloth that need mending are a no-no. Overall, your outfit should reflect your personality positively.

Accessorise Appropriately:

Accessories matter in online interviews too for both men and women. It often happens that candidates dress up well but ignore their accessories. The jewellery you decide to wear should not be too chunky or overly colourful. It is safe to go classic and wear metal, if not gold. For example, plastic and beady jewellery, e.g., don’t augur well for interviews, more so the online ones. Small, classic jewellery like earrings and maybe a ring or thin chain add to your personality.

Ensure the Right Background:

Your overall appearance includes the background which your interviewers will see. Ensure there is nothing untidy or offensive about it. Fond of movie star/pop star photos? Please remove those before your Zoom call. Remember, the focus of the interview is you, not your surroundings. Also, have a closed room during the interview, so kids and pets don’t interrupt it.

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