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LGBTQ+ inclusion at the workplace means providing equal opportunities to employees without considering gender identity — A much-needed initiative to build a comfortable and diverse work environment.

Today, companies have seen a fundamental shift, bringing LGBTQ+ inclusion to create a racially diverse workforce. Without considering the employee's gender identity, many large companies visibly celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. 

As per HRC, 1,271 companies actively participated in the Corporate Equality Index 2022 Survey. 99.8% of these companies explicitly mentioned considering "sexual orientation" as an essential aspect of their nondiscrimination policy.

Why is LGBTQ+ inclusion in the fast becoming priority for organizations?

Camille Brouard, Myhrtoolkit's Senior Marketing Executive, is an active member of the LGBTQ+ community. She shares her perspective to support LGBTQ+ employees. According to her, LGBTQ+ inclusivity at the workplace offers a distinct competitive advantage to organizations of all types.

Often termed as the LGBTQ+ umbrella, this community includes multiple gender identities through a spectrum. LGBTQ+ employees include various genders such as gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and queer. Henceforth, the LGBTQ+ umbrella solemnly unifies people without asking about their gender identities.

Introducing LGBTQ+ inclusion is becoming a top priority for organizations to unify their workforces. It is an excellent way to make every employee feel valued and secured, working in a comfortable yet diverse environment. 

The Benefits of LGBTQ+ Inclusion

The advantages of LGBTQ+ inclusion at the workplace extend beyond the impression of accepting employees of all sexualities. As per Out Now's new Global LGBT2030 Study, 77% of the employees from the LGBTQ community are happy and satisfied working. So, what are the benefits of LGBTQ+ inclusion at workplaces? Let's find out!

LGBTQ+ inclusion policies save company expenses:

According to LGBT Diversity Business Case Study, the US economy saved $9 billion simply by implementing effective LGBTQ inclusion policies. It helps avoid the expenses due to gender discrimination cases at workplaces.

Unified working environment:

LGBTQ+ staff does not need to hide their gender identity at workplaces. They can express themselves freely without facing any experiences of discrimination. It helps improve employee loyalty and business productivity.

Companies can focus on customer retention:

A 2017 Deloitte study showed that 80% of business clients and customers prefer organizations that support LGBTQ+ inclusion. Hence, companies can use robust inclusion strategies to build a stable customer base.

Creating a genuine gender-inclusive work culture requires thorough research and planning. Especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations find it challenging to implement effective inclusion policies.

Effective Strategies for LGBTQ+ Inclusion at Workplace

Here are effective LGBTQ+ inclusion strategies for employers to consider and adopt:

‍Review existing company policies for LGBTQ+ inclusion

LGBTQ+ inclusion should belong in the company's Equality and Diversity policy. Implementing separate LGBTQ+ policies is also crucial for setting clear guidelines. The policies clearly state how to conduct to be inclusive while avoiding discrimination. It is an effective way to show commitment towards tackling sexual discrimination at workplaces.

Mandatory LGBTQ+ training requirements 

As per the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Report, 72% of companies in the US meet the organizational LGBTQ competency. Still, 40% of LGBT employees have reported being bullied at work. Making LGBTQ+ training mandatory can help in improving such situations. Increasing employee awareness about the LGBTQ+ community makes them behave sincerely. LGBTQ+ training also highlights equality and diversity by educating everyone about various LGBTQ+ issues. The employees learn more about company policies and adhere to the company principles more seriously.

Set up a robust LGBTQ+ network and appoint LGBTQ+ allies

Creating an open LGBTQ+ network across the workplace is perfect for supporting LGBTQ+ employees. Promoting operational flexibility, the LGBTQ+ employees can use the network to raise concerns regarding any issue. Helping meet the company's safety policies, the network members take initiatives to solve the problems reported. It is a continual improvement approach that highlights mandatory LGBTQ+ rights. So, employers should onboard LGBTQ+ allies asap.

Allowing the addition of pronouns 

Recently, LinkedIn reported that 77% of its LGBTQ+ professionals seek the employer's genuine commitment towards supporting the LGBTQ+ employees. As a result, LinkedIn added an update through which employees can include pronouns in their business profiles. For example, adding LGBTQ pronouns in email signatures, using the Pride flag on social media profiles, etc, can normalize gender equality across the workplace. It helps non-binary and trans people feel more comfortable while working.

Summing Up

Organizations should create an LGBTQ+ friendly workplace. Make it the company's top priority by openly implementing gender-neutral language and supporting LGBTQ Inclusion at work. Bring permanent changes to create a safe and secure work environment for all.

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