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Know Your Customer Better Using AI-Driven Social Intelligence

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Know Your Customer Better Using AI-Driven Social Intelligence

Do you remember the last time you were planning a trip? Do you recall the dilemmas you under went while finalizing and preparing the perfect travel itinerary? How did you resolve it?

There is a very high chance that you turned to popular social media platforms to address your concerns. Maybe you binged travelogues on YouTube, browsed through hotel reviews on Yelp, or even stalked friends on Instagram to understand their travel experiences.

Well, this is natural, given the prominent place socialmedia occupies in our digital lifestyle. From voicing opinions to enjoying the dankest memes, social media is our gateway to the world.

Social media is a treasure chest of consumer data for marketers and companies, enabling them to observe their customer's behaviour upclose. This practice, also known as Social Media Intelligence or SocialIntelligence, allows brands to understand their customer's needs and whatdrives them at a granular level. The process highlights valuable metrics such as most-frequented channels, geographic location, key demographics, need gaps,and moments that matter. Most importantly, it gets you closer to answering the question, what does my consumer want?  

As these datasets are always unstructured and often large,AI plays a vital role in augmenting the speed at which insights are generated.Businesses can leverage these insights to curate their brand message and make a personal connection with their customers. This can help the brand strategically position itself to influence the customer's behaviour potentially positively.It helps fine-tune marketing campaigns, investments in R&D, reducing operating costs, and improving impact.

Social Intelligence can benefit all departments in an organization, including sales, marketing, R&D, HR, and PR. For instance,the product team can identify the problems faced by the customer and take action to improve the consumer experience.

Emphasis should also be placed on the fickle nature of social trends. A hashtag garnering millions of impressions today may be longdead by the following week. Thus, it is essential to select an analytical solution underpinned by machine learning and NLP algorithms. These platforms offer accurate, real-time audits, enabling brands to capitalize on trends as they emerge.

Social Intelligence is transforming the way businesses operate. By segmenting data and revealing patterns, brands can align with their customer interests better. At Cogent inCIghts, we help brands include customers in the strategic decision-making process using our SMART Insights methodology.The program uses AI and data specialists to make high-quality insights accessible 5X faster at a fraction of the cost.

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