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August 20, 2021

Java Projects for Beginners

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August 20, 2021

The advancements in the technological world have made Java front-end development one of the most fascinating and coolest jobs around. Though it's not everyone'scup of tea, with the right guidance and adequate knowledge, one can thrive as aJava front-end developer.

Best Beginner-Level Java Projects

Smart city project

Helps visitors and tourists provide relevant information about hotels,transportation, etc.

Currency converter

Is a mini Java project that is developed using Ajax and Java servlets features.

Number guessing game

Is a fast and fun Java project that permits users to guess the next number generated by the computer.

‍Brick breaker game

Is builtin Java and consists of bricks and a tiny ball. The main purpose of the game isto break the bricks without dropping the ball.

Data visualization

Is a graphical and pictorial formation of data that makes it easier to understand the information displayed.


Is written in Java programming language with the interface.

Webserver management system

Helps businesses to showcase their products over the web.

Airline reservation system

Is aweb-based project that keeps up with the needs of the airline business, such as fares, transactions, e-ticket operations, and inventories.

Online book store

Is a miniproject whose sole purpose is to develop a reliable platform to sell and buybooks.

Snake game

Is one of the most popular games in every 90s kid’s life that is made in Java language. Now, you can build yourown snake game by learning minimum Java codes.

From games to technologies, you must have gotten a solid idea of what projects Javafront-end developers encounter every day. Looking to learn Java before entering into the real Java world? A Java course for beginners at Cogent Infotech can be a great help. Find out 5 Java certification courses today!

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