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January 30, 2024

How to Plan Your Cloud Migration Strategy

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January 30, 2024

Cloud migration is gaining popularity among both big and small businesses these days. Cloud offers enhanced scalability, agility, speed of operation, and cost-effectiveness. According to a report, Microsoft saw a 775% increase in cloud services post-pandemic. Hence, your business must transition to the cloud.

But, cloud migration should be preceded by a concrete strategy. The transition will become challenging unless you can differentiate between your present on-premise and future cloud model.

What is a Cloud Migration Strategy?

A cloud migration strategy is a process involved in shifting your on-premise business solutions to the cloud. Here, you need to evaluate different business applications and see how they can be transferred to the cloud. For example, some business documents require digitization before moving them to the cloud. Some other software may not be compatible with the cloud platform, and you may have to abandon it altogether.

Benefits of a Cloud Migration Strategy

A concrete migration strategy helps your business to prepare well beforehand. You get to evaluate different vendors and choose the best fit for your business model. Also, you can optimize the migration cost by selecting a competitive plan or reusing the existing business applications.

Working on a Cloud Migration Strategy

A well-planned cloud migration strategy starts with identifying the present IT resources of your organization. Sort out the applications you want to migrate to the cloud platform and those you prefer on the on-premise platform. Then, based on the complexity of your organization, evaluate public, private, and hybrid cloud vendors. After selecting a cost-effective vendor, you can go for actual migration that involves realigning your resources and training your workforce.

Different Types of Cloud Migration Strategy for Your Business

Based on your business model, you can adopt any of the cloud migration strategies given below:

Re-hosting Your Applications to Cloud

Re-hosting is one of the easiest ways to migrate to the cloud by replicating the exact on-premise scenario. You need not make any changes from scratch(code level). Also, this method is very cost-effective.

Repurchasing/Switching a Cloud Vendor

You already have a cloud server in place here, but you want to change the vendor. Have a look at the additional services provided by an alternative vendor before making a switch. Also, make sure that the new vendor supports all the essential applications.

Use the Re-platforming Technique

In a re-platforming technique, you need to make minor changes to your business applications before making them cloud-ready. For example, some software can be better optimized to improve its efficiency.

Re-Architecture Your Existing Applications

Using this technique, you make significant changes to your applications and completely revamp them. Though this strategy is costly, it eventually produces a better return on investment, and your applications work in a highly efficient and agile environment.

Retiring/Eliminating Certain Applications

Here, you identify the least performing applications and prevent their migration to the cloud. With this strategy, you reduce the maintenance costs and focus only on the core business applications.

Final Thoughts: Choose the Best Cloud Migration Strategy That Suits Your Business

Based on your organizational setup, you can choose to re-host, refactor, or even retire the applications. Ensure that your cost on cloud migration comes out to be lower than maintaining your on-premise solutions. With better planning, you can have faster and efficient working, focussing on the core aspects of your business.

Are you looking for the right cloud migration strategy for your business? Get in touch with Cogent Infotech to explore the latest cloud migration techniques!

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