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Tech has been on the rise for a while now. With each new day, newer manufacturing, banking, and journalism applications are being developed. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a popular topic of discussion, garnering ardent supporters from diverse industries. AI can be viewed as an effective tool for increasing employee engagement and enhancing how you recruit, develop, and retain people in firms across the globe.

Employee engagement is a compelling priority for the top management, and firms are eager to figure out how to keep their workers engaged and connected. You can see ample proof, time and time again, of the demand for increasing employee productivity.

What is the need for AI-driven employee engagement? 

Before AI, methods for increasing employee engagement had not yielded the expected outcomes. For a long time, on-the-job surveys, boardroom committees, data analysis, and chastised half-baked notions failed to produce appropriate reactions and solutions. AI has aided enterprises in effectively addressing this engagement dilemma.

How is AI shaping the future of employee engagement? 

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, global firms invested around USD 40 billion in AI technologies in 2016. While they spent most of the money on research and innovation, roughly 10% was allocated to using AI to improve operations and promote engagement.

AI has shown a lot of promise and holds the potential to improve employee engagement. Organizations can accomplish the following with AI-powered solutions:

  • Effectively engage distant and on-site personnel
  • Provide 24/7 aid and support 
  • Real-time monitoring of the organization's performance
  • Smoothen the training and teaching activities
  • Streamline conflict resolution

Here are some ways in which AI plays a huge role: 

Behavioral stimuli to improve workplace culture

AI can build a holistic working environment through stimulus and prompts in an era of social media where digital motivators such as views, likes, and comments prompt activities and engagement. Organizations may make a broader change toward developing a healthier work culture by combining behavioral science with AI-generated insights.

Such initiatives can help eliminate existing biases and establish a neutral workplace where you reward individuals for their efforts. Managers, for example, can utilize AI to help them spot tendencies that have resulted in an atmosphere of unconscious prejudice because of a preconceived impression about a subordinate. 

Improved internal communication

Workplace interpersonal communication is critical in defining our relationships with our coworkers.

Organizations can use AI to track employee relations and coordination to gain crucial insights into how each worker interacts with one another. AI can assess each employee's strengths, weaknesses, and working style. Organizations can take advantage of it by partnering with individuals who are a good fit for a specific project depending on their SWOT analysis. 

It helps monitor mental health 

One of the top technological discoveries will be a gadget that tracks or monitors your employees behavior to help organizations understand their psychological health and alert the user before it's too late. Brands like Sephora and Pinterest provide their employees with a talking platform with immediate access to direct counseling.

Improved team collaboration efforts 

AI can form teams in which unique abilities and behaviors complement one another to propel the company to newer heights. Using machine learning (ML) and AI data analysis, management can discover workers who can work well together and increase engagement through a cohesive workplace setting using machine learning (ML) and AI.


The rise of AI will change the way businesses handle employee engagement. Soon, AI will be the driving force behind work atmosphere advancement. Organizations will get better at attracting and engaging long-term employees because of the capabilities afforded by AI and ML technology.

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