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The competition for new customers is getting fiercer with every passing day because brands know that business grows with the customer base. For them, it is imperative to be at their best because impressing Generation Z is not as easy as Generation X. 

Gen Z customers only stick with those brands that live up to their expectations and never give them a chance to think about other alternatives. So, if you want to win the hearts of Generation Z customers, keep the following points in mind and then take actions accordingly:

Be active on social media

Gen Z customers want brands to be available on all popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They like to interact on social networking sites regarding their product/service-related problems or inquiries related to new offerings.

According to industry reports, 85% of customers from Generation Z learn about new products via social media platforms. This is why you should put more focus on social media marketing rather than any other.

You can even go one step further and join forces with any social media influencer to get a head start while boosting sales growth.

Offer BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) payment option.

Flexibility while shopping is something that Gen Z customers always want. It seems to be a genuine demand because nobody likes to add credit card details and then wait for the OTP to check out. This process seems more frustrating during festive sales, as products go out of stock in a jiffy.

By offering the BNPL payment option, you can set Generation Z customers' minds at ease. The icing on the cake is that you will witness a significant drop in the cart abandonment rate. It happens because customers will be able to instantly place an order and pay later on at their convenience.

As per the recent report, the percentage of BNPL customers (Generation Z) will be 47.4% by 2025. It should be enough to understand why you should offer the BNPL payment option as soon as possible. 

Deliver quick customer support by bringing chatbots into play

Another thing that Gen Z customers want from brands is immediate assistance in the hour of need. Their most preferred support channel is live chat because they can communicate quickly as compared to the telephone medium, where they generally have to wait in a long call queue to get their chance to speak with the customer service representative.

The fact that will leave you amazed is that the live chat support channel gets the first preference from 79% of customers due to its immediacy. 

They don't mind waiting for a complicated issue to discuss with the live chat support agent. On the contrary, they seek resolution of the general problems in the blink of an eye. In this case, chatbots can offer great help because they can respond instantly after recognizing predefined keywords during customer interactions. So, please start investing in chatbot development to make customer support operations more accessible than ever.

Summing up:

Winning customers' hearts has never been easy, especially in the case of Gen Z, and that's why you always have to bring your A-game whenever you interact with them. In addition, you should gather customer feedback from time to time to deliver according to their expectations while launching any new product or service.

With this article, we've explained how you can deliver in accordance with generation Z customers' demands. We hope you will take the best course of action after getting all the crucial insights from this write-up.

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