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Cost of Hiring a Wrong Java Developer

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Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is used in applications, including desktop GUIs, mobile apps, self-driving automobiles, and IoT gadgets. Competent Java developers assist in exploiting the advantages of creating a product, platform, or project, depending on the area of work.

Software development managers frequently correct their allocation of the necessary time and resources for a careful selection process. It may be because few individuals know the high cost of hiring the incorrect Java developer.

According to research conducted in the United States, the cost of hiring the wrong Java developer might be between tens of thousands and two hundred thousand dollars. While there are differences between the circumstances in the United States and Latin America, hiring a subpar developer is still expensive.

When Hiring A Java Developer, You Need Only The Best!

Not all developers are the same.

A good java developer outperforms their less capable rivals over 100 times. So, why is there so much diversity in Java developers' performance compared to other fields?

Because the worth of an intelligent developer can be found in the code written and the decisions made. At the same time, good talent is not available in the market.

Companies of all sizes are scouting for good talent who can meet their development requirements. As a result, it is critical to go the extra mile to find the right java developer for your business.

It is essential to have a capable development team to achieve the set objectives for the organization. However, an organization should know that there are better ideas than mixing good and bad developers.

A study found that all intelligent programmers produce different results when given a time limit. Developers with the same skills can create dramatically varied results. Therefore, it can be challenging for a developer team to achieve business objectives.

The fundamental component created the framework for superior Java developers. The success of specific systems is essential for the whole project. The project would become less effective if additional people were added to the team.

It shows that one 10x developer working for an hour would produce different outcomes than ten average developers working for an hour each on a project. 

The Price of Hiring A Java Developer

The price paid by an organization for a java developer can vary by business, industry, and geography. A software developer's expenditures are typical during the hiring procedure and accessible. The cost of hiring a Java Developer is about £30,614 in the United Kingdom and around $25,150 in Canada.

While determining the cost of new hiring to your firm, you must consider the onboarding expenditures.

A Not-So-Good Java Developer

At the same time, if you end up hiring a sub-par java developer for the business, the figures rise substantially. It takes a while to fire a terrible employee, and the hiring process costs about $31,940, including onboarding, compensation, rent, and office supplies. Since an unsuitable recruit does not shoot up and the productivity loss equals the compensation, costing about $87,327.91.

One must go through the entire hiring process for filling the position, including recruitment ($31,940), onboarding expenses ($7,546.5), salary and other employment costs, rent, office supplies, and productivity loss.

Average Java Developers salaries across different countries

A Bad Developer Can Cost Heftily to an Organization

A company can suffer heavily from errors, failures, and missed commercial opportunities, but such problems worsen in the IT sector. After all, the product and infrastructure creation is the responsibility of a Java developer.

If they take less time to complete a project or leave substantial code errors, it could be expensive to fix, and the resultant clients' image damage will decline.

It is important to note that for every customer that complains, 26 more customers don't voice their concerns.

The typical victim of consumer fraud will inform 8 to 16 individuals.

  • 91% of unhappy customers do not come forward to carry the business ahead.
  • Each of the clients has people to influence.
  • 10% of employers report a decrease in sales.

Given these numbers, it can become unaffordable to engage a substandard Java developer to provide a product that damages customer relationships and sales.

A Bad Hire Can Be Painful

A poor developer is a member of a team working toward a common objective. In addition to doing their job, they also need to make up for the wrong developer, which is bad for business.

When working in a five-person team, the four members—including the Java developer—achieved 25% more than they did. It may also cause a decline in employee morale and delay in the projects.

If the situation improves, developers who do their job efficiently will get more work. For instance, if you are part of a team where half of the team members are struggling with their set targets while you can complete them on time. In such a scenario, the good developers will get demotivated because of extra work pressure and seeing the other team members drawing salaries without justifying their roles.

A company's investigation of how it compensated underperformers reveals the following:

  • The workforce productivity fell by 41%.
  • 40% of the time is required to hire a new employee.
  • Cost of hiring an employee: 37%.
  • 36% decline in employee morale
  • 22% client solutions impact.

The remaining team members take time for the hiring process out of their busy schedules (several times for training and correcting the new person's mistakes). They do it while attempting to accomplish a project for which they likely require assistance.

How Much Does Hiring A Terrible Developer Cost In Total?

Hiring the wrong java developer can be a costly affair for the organization. It is not only about the hiring and employment cost but other costs like loss in productivity and disruption that can balloon up fairly quickly.

A typical hiring of a Java developer can cost a cumulative sum of the following:

1. Hiring cost: $39,486.50

2. Employer compensation cost: $23,311.48

3. Office Maintenance Cost: $1,218.46

4. Loss in productivity: $23,311.39

5. Cost of Disruption: $398,043.46

The total amount sums up to a massive amount of $485,371.29.


This was all an estimate, and individual outcomes may vary. Extra costs, such as incentives, are excluded, but hiring a lousy developer can be extremely costly. Investing in a hiring process can increase one's chances of getting a good Java developer and pays for itself many times. Therefore, a business should focus on building a talented team of java developers that can complete the allocated projects correctly and on time.

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