Are Java Skills Still In Demand? What Java Skills Are In Demand?

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Are Java Skills Still In Demand? What Java Skills Are In Demand?

Java is used in all sorts of industries and by people to make different digital products, from games to enterprise applications. Sun Microsystems developed it almost two decades ago and released it in 1995.

Java is a multi-platform programming language that runs on almost anything. It’s used to make websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, and more.

What makes Java so popular?

Java's scalability is one of the key reasons for its popularity. Any application can run on practically any system. It can run on embedded devices, mobile phones, desktops, servers, and the cloud.

Java is also very secure and also easy to maintain. It allows you to write once and run anywhere. This means that you only have to write code once and run it on any device.

In-demand Java skills:

  1. Essential skills: Object-oriented programming principles, control systems like Git and BitBucket, Web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JQuery, understanding of integrated development environment like IntelliJ IDEA
  2. Spring framework: It helps Java developers practice dependency injection for making applications more testable.
  3. REST: today, most applications involve API. Therefore REST is a vital tool to learn.
  4. SQL: SQL is essential for every programmer, irrespective of their language. Data is the primary part of every program, and one can not develop programs without SQL.
  5. Android+Kotlin: Most developers start developing android apps without knowing web development. Kotlin helps developers get an edge.
  6. JUnit and Mockito: A developer must know unit testing, integration testing, and automation testing. The best library to start with is Junit.
  7. DevOps: A skilled developer must know Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), and Jenkin’s role in both CI/CD processes.

One of the most popular programming languages used is Java. Java is a general-purpose programming language, meaning that it can be used for a wide range of applications. Java is still a very secure language, and Java developers are highly sought after in the tech industry.

Java is one of the skills we focus on at Cogent University, along with Data Analytics. Cogent University is a boot-camp-to-job-placement program specializing in Java Development, Data Analytics, and CyberSecurity with over ten years of experience and success in training and placing 700+ candidates in 60 Cohorts. Visit to know more.

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