Advance Your Career in Java by Specializing in these Thriving Fields

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Advance Your Career in Java by Specializing in these Thriving Fields

Advance Your Career in Java by Specializing in these Thriving Fields

Java forms the backbone of several web server tools, enterprise software, and android applications. It is simple, secure, fast, and follows object-oriented programming - making it the go-to choice for many applications. The demand for Java developers has seen a steady rise throughout the last decade and is predicted to continue rising. But what’re the basic foundations that must.
Do you want to establish a successful career in Java today? Worry not. We’ve got you covered!

The Prerequisite Skill Set

  • Interpreting and debugging the code written by other developers
  • Working on Java virtual machine (JVM)
  • Deploying applications to servers (in-house and on the cloud).
  • Integrating Java with existing enterprise and web applications

While these are fundamental skills that an individual must possess to build a career in Java, it is advisable to specialize in at least one of the following fields:

1- Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a promising industry to specialize in (mobile apps account for over 50% of all the time spent consuming digital media). To make it in this field, you need to be comfortable with:

  • Coding on Android studio - The official integrated development environment (IDE) for the android  OS.
  • Testing and debugging apps -  On an emulator.
  • User Interface (UI) design -  Basic level

2 - Web Development

To really kick start a career in web development, knowledge of the following dynamicresources and tools provided by Java are a must: Jars, JavaServer pages (provides a way to write Java code with HTML), and servlets (a Java class thatcan be employed to handle HTTP requests).

3 - Enterprise, Game Development, or ScientificApplications

  • Enterprise:  Understanding of the architecture of an Enterprise application and of Java EE.
  • Game Development:  Building multi-threaded apps on Java and understanding the physics involved in game development.
  • Scientific Applications:   Working with the CUDA toolkit to support GPU computing.

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