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8 Traps To Avoid That Derail Digital Transformation

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8 Traps To Avoid That Derail Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become mandatory for 21st-century businesses. It offers numerous success rewards by providing strategies and planning. The digital journey is endless. It may lead to severe failure as it is complicated and vulnerable to various threats and risks. Some of the traps to be avoided throughout the digital transformation are discussed below:

Being Extra Careful

While transforming digitally, sometimes executives are extra cautious of their technology adoption decisions.

Though incremental changes are suitable for continuous improvements, these should be backed up with innovation and entrepreneurship. As per the McKinsey research, executives should follow bold and disruptive strategies about business models and new technologies.

 Instead of being unnecessarily extra careful, if they follow test-and-learn culture, it will help them improve with each success and each failure providing them an opportunity to do better, especially during digital transformation. 

Unknown Fears

Digital transformation is based on emerging technologies with known advantages and unknown threats. Moreover, there are no specific standards or guidelines developed based on comprehensive facts to ease executives fears.

 Instead, it is suggested to identify where and how value is created and destroyed. Analysis should be fact-based with deep internal assessment and evaluation of business assets. 

Data-driven decisions reduce unknown fears and help leaders reduce political and hierarchies issues in decision making.  

Lack of Talented Human Resource

Digital transformations need to build skills and capabilities. It needs enough human resources with digital talent and maturity in the entire digital transformation journey of the company. These resources should be able to identify problems, carry out preliminary analysis, determine solutions to fulfill the company's digital infrastructure requirements. Starting from digital specialists instead of digital generalists will reduce several challenges. 

Lack of Discipline

Executives should have systematic but flexible planning, agility, and speed while transforming digitally. Each stage should be transparent, helping to track the process and progress of digital initiatives with input-based metrics while adding to the business value.   

Learning From Experiences

Effective learning is one of the essential parts of the digital transformation journey. Executives should encourage experimentation but must immediately learn from mistakes. It is another way to motivate employees to experiment, take risks, and learn from failure resulting in a creative and productive employee. In addition, it helps companies to bring innovative products and services inexpensively.

Lack of Vision

Digitial transformation is a lengthy process that needs a clear vision from the beginning. It provides guidelines and keeps everyone on the team on track. The entire vision should be broken into small milestones and often discussed within the team. It helps individuals to achieve successful transformations within the timeline. A strong vision integrated with digitally mature talent does not need to regulate each action in the process as guidelines, and responsible team members turn the idea into reality.

Isolated Transformation

Though some of the company's data is confidential, the entire digital transformation process does not need to be closed off and proprietary. If the company partners with vendors, the digital capacity can be scaled up quickly, affordably, and efficiently. 

Slow Adaptation

Time plays a vital role in adopting digital tools and technologies. Companies need to be quick, precise, and practical while undergoing digital transformation. Automated tasks and processes can help companies gain speed and accelerate their development. 

Conclusively, digital transformation is a tricky process that needs talented resources with enough understanding and knowledge about the business assets, requirements, and best available and suitable tools and technologies for a particular company. 

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