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3 Ways to Speed Up your Recruitment Process by Leveraging AI

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3 Ways to Speed Up your Recruitment Process by Leveraging AI

Natural language processing, robotic process automation, and machine learning can be leveraged via AI to ramp up your recruitment process. Cogent Staffing tells you how.

Accelerate your Candidate Sourcing

Sourcing candidates for highly technical roles can be a daunting task for recruiters, as role fit is often hard to assess. AI-based candidate sourcing enables a search by intent  (the primary goal a user has while searching a query) and also addresses skill adjacency. By breaking down the prerequisites to a potential candidate's existing skills, AI  can determine if the candidate meets the requirements for your current opening. With the help of state-of-the-art search engines, AI boasts the capacity to process billions of pages of data in a single day. This enables it to branch out each skill requirement and fill them individually. 

Saving Time in the Applicant Screening Process

The large volumes of unsuitable or irrelevant applications make the initial rounds of applicant screening a highly time-consuming task. AI can, however, quickly filter these irrelevant applicants to narrow down the applicant pool. From this point on, the task becomes much easier for the human hiring managers. 

Eliminate Hiring Bias

Several factors that may influence human decisions (such as tone, accent, perceived social standing, etc.) are completely disregarded by AI. Thus, a truly bias-free hiring environment can be achieved by allowing the entire process to be managed by AI. This can go a long way in improving employee diversity. 

Sold on AI-based hiring? Cogent Staffing uses AI technology to recruit for managed service providers.

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