3 Ways the Pandemic has impacted IT Security

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3 Ways the Pandemic has impacted IT Security

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way businesses around the world operated. Work from home became the norm. Digital Transformation has gone from being a medium/long-term goal to a survival trait. Every activity, from the smallest everyday ritual to the most significant events and occasions, moved online. Here’s how cyber-security has changed in the post-pandemic world.

Increased Cyber-security Risks

The increased digitization and online activity triggered by the pandemic has also led to an increased risk of cyber-attacks. Businesses have had to quickly move their operations online, forcing the workforce to quickly adapt to new systems and making them susceptible to cyber attacks. As larger chunks of business move online, the attack surface of IT systems also expands — exponentially increasing the challenge for cybersecurity professionals.

Need for Cyber-security Awareness

As business processes moved online almost overnight, employees working remotely have emerged as one of the biggest vulnerabilities for organizations. Remote connections are difficult for security teams to monitor and offer more room for cyber attacks. There is also a need for educating the workforce on digital dos and don’ts in order to minimize the risk of social engineering.

Ramp-up Cyber-security Investments

With businesses moving more of their operations online, the volume of data and complexity of cyber-systems has increased tremendously. It is no longer possible for them to be adequately secured using manual cyber-security operations. We can expect to see a surge in automated cyber-security systems as organizations push for improved security to compensate for the fresh set of vulnerabilities that the pandemic has exposed.

It is essential for organizations to treat cyber-security as a priority. They will need to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities in their IT systems to ensure they remain protected from new cyber-threats in the post-pandemic world. Cogent Consulting offers a wide range of cyber-security services including application, data, infrastructure, and end-point security.

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