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3 Reasons Why Leaders Should Invest In Social Intelligence

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3 Reasons Why Leaders Should Invest In Social Intelligence

Social intelligence is a key marketing asset in today's dynamic market since it enables brands to deliver engaging content to their target audiences. However, with tight marketing budgets in the wake of COVID-19, securing funds to drive market research with social intelligence may prove challenging. Here are 3 selling points you can focus on to sell the value of social intelligence to your upper management.

Being Prepared for a Crisis that Might Ruin Your Brand Image

Every brand fears going viral for the wrong reasons, and rightfully so  it can sometimes prove impossible to remedy the public perception of your brand, post an online fiasco. Social intelligence can facilitate your digital marketing teams to monitor negative brand sentiment on social platforms and act in a timely manner to prevent such crises. Furthermore, social intelligence can also help brands to better address an ongoing crisis by following public opinion and adapting their crisis management strategy. 

Segregating Audiences to Target them Better

By segmenting audiences into categories based on the information voluntarily disclosed by them (demographic, psychographic, geographic etc.), social intelligence can help businesses identify communities that are actively engaging with their brand. Audience segmentation can also help explore new target audiences. 

Ensuring Successful Product/Campaign Launches

By tracking the buzz created by your products or campaigns, social intelligence can help you refine your planning and execution methods to ensure a successful launch. Conversation volumes and share of voice data can also be leveraged for measuring the success of the launch/campaign. 

The pandemic has led to the world spending more time on social platforms than ever before. Your target audience is already telling you everything you need to know to grow your business. Cogent inCIghts offers you a range of intuitive and effective solutions to understand them.

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