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3 New Staffing Trends in the Post-COVID Recruitment Industry

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3 New Staffing Trends in the Post-COVID Recruitment Industry

The post-COVID business world has bred a highly competitive staffing market where traditional staffing approaches may become obsolete. That being so, here are three staffing trends that you need to know about for hiring in the new normal. 

Virtual Recruiting

With over 70% of professionals in the staffing industry suggesting that virtual recruiting is here to stay, every business looking to hire must have an established end-to-end virtual recruiting process. Hybrid environments featuring both on-site and remote workers must take it a step further by combining the virtual and physical elements of the hiring process.

Employer Branding 

The shift-to-digital trend brought on by COVID-19 has made businesses change their employer branding campaigns to take on a more ‘empathetic touch’. Rather than focusing on the physical amenities at the office or the numerous perks of working on-site, employer branding campaigns have highlighted employee assistance programs and other measures companies have taken to ensure the well-being of employees. 

Remote Training 

Organizations looking to upskill or cross-skill their workforces can no longer rely on physical training rooms following a traditional classroom paradigm. Providing suitable platforms for employee learning and establishing the proper digital infrastructure to enable digital educators is the need of the hour.

Efficient Staffing is crucial for the smooth functioning of any organization. Cogent Staffing combines a technology-driven approach with highly flexible recruitment solutions to create a successful staffing system that can thrive even in the chaotic post-pandemic world.

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