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14 Skills Data Analysts Need for a Successful Career in 2022

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14 Skills Data Analysts Need for a Successful Career in 2022

Data analysts are in high demand and short supply. This creates a very competitive job market, with many companies vying for the most qualified candidates. If you're looking to enter into this exciting field or currently working as a data analyst and want to advance your career, you must keep up with the latest skills. We've compiled a list of 14 skills data analysts need for their careers in 2022.

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Data Visualization

Visualization is an essential skill for any data analyst. Because data visualization is the best way to communicate data to others, you must become adept at creating valuable visualizations. You can also use the visualizations to illustrate trends and other valuable insights so that everyone can easily access them.

Data Cleaning

Data cleaning is an essential skill for aspiring data analysts. The whole point of data analysis is to generate value and insights from your data, and if it's not cleaned and prepared well enough, you won't be able to get the job done. Every data analyst needs to make sure they spend enough time cleaning their data.


MATLAB is the most popular numerical computing environment and lets you explore and visualize ideas for your data analysis problems before writing any code. This makes it easy to experiment with different approaches and better understand your data.


R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Learning R programming will give you a thorough understanding of advanced statistical methods, powerful tools for data manipulation, and sophisticated graphics capabilities for data visualization.


Python is the de-facto programming language for data analysts because it has many libraries, simple syntax, and can handle structured and unstructured data. It offers data analysts a simple and effective way to analyze large amounts of data. Learning Python will significantly increase analysts' potential and be a tremendous asset in their careers.


SQL databases are another crucial skill required for a data analyst, and they are relational databases that store structured data in tables. A professional data analyst should extract relevant information from various tables to analyze.

Machine Learning

Significant investments are currently being made in artificial intelligence and predictive analysis. While not all data analysts work on machine learning projects, understanding the relevant tools and concepts can give you an advantage when seeking employment.

Microsoft Excel

An estimated 750 million people worldwide use the Microsoft spreadsheet platform. All that is required is a basic understanding of data storage and management.

Data Management

Data management can help you optimize data to make informed decisions that lead to maximum performance.

Domain Knowledge

Understanding specific things about a particular industry or company implies domain knowledge. So, data analysts must constantly research and strengthen their skills.

Data Wrangling

Data wrangling can simplify your data and prepare it for almost any analysis, and this takes a significant amount of time for data analysts. Hence, if you want to become a successful data analyst, this skill is essential.

Data Warehousing

Data analysts link databases from different sources to form a data warehouse and manage data. So, this is another essential skill required for a data analyst.

Writing And Communication

A professional who communicates in more than one format has a better chance of success. Writing, speaking, explaining, and listening are essential communication skills for a data analyst.

Decision Analysis

A data analyst should be familiar with multifunctional decision analysis, decision trees, impact diagrams, and sensitivity analysis. This skill will make a significant edge while seeking a job.

Wrap Up!

As technology advances, so does the profession. The more companies rely on automated solutions, as they collect more data. However, this field requires a lot more than just knowing numbers. We hope this article increases your interest in the skills of a data analyst!

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