Help your employees find purpose or watch them leave

12:17 pm
October 18, 2021
Human Resources
Dallas, TX
Human Resources

Help your employees find purpose or watch them leave

Since a lot of work went from offline to online and work-from-home, it has affected the employees’ sense of purpose. All companies must implement ideas that improve working conditions for their employees. Failure to do so might make your employees rethink their field of work.


All employees wish that their goals and purposes align with that of the company’s. The faster this is executed, the greater will be the engagement, work ethics, and contribution. The task rests in the hands of the company CEO—to maintain a high result in your sector of the company, you must help your employees find their purpose.


Understanding Purpose

Every working individual faces unique situations and has a different way of operating. An employee’s purpose can be defined as what matters to them or their idea of a perfect work experience. Purpose can only be found if the person in context is passionate about their work or deems it important. And so, purpose varies from one person to another.

Employees’ expectations and what they get

Your employees, more than likely, want more meaning from their jobs than they already have. To begin with, we know that workers at all levels of the business express a desire for meaning in their lives. 70% of the employees surveyed felt their feeling of purpose is mainly defined by their employment. However, it has been seen that only 18% believed they get enough purpose from their work. However, the remaining stated that they receive a little purpose from work, but they want more.

What changes to make?

The company’s purpose: This might seem unnecessary since this article is about finding the employees’ purpose. But, your part in it is equally important. Find out where your company stands.


Observe, connect, and repeat 

Good things happen when employees get the opportunity to reflect on their sense of purpose and how it links to the company’s purpose. Storytelling sessions and leadership workshops are good options, but remember that your leadership environment might not be the problem. Managers should share their own goals with others. It will not only help in connecting with employees but also help find their purpose. 


Assist people in achieving their goals at work

Opportunities that assist individuals in finding more profound personal significance in their everyday work should be your place to start. You can assist employees to feel more content at their job by doing your bit to help them achieve their mission at work.


People all over the globe are now reflecting on their personal and working lives. Many people expect their jobs will be a significant source of purpose and fulfilment. Individual purpose setting is also an important, self-reinforcing skill that has many benefits. These benefits extend to employees’ well-being as well as the company’s performance.


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