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Application Development
Cogent provides services in bespoke application development working on the latest platforms and using latest architectural styles. With flexible engagement models, Cogent is well placed to work on applications of varying size and complexity
Application Security Services
Application security helps identify, fix and prevent security vulnerabilities in any kind of software application. We identify the threats and provide layered security protection needed to address today’s worst threats.
Cloud Services
Cogent has worked with all the major cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud among others. It has experience in providing consulting around cloud readiness assessment, planning for which workloads to shift to cloud, identifying technology stack best suited for the workloads to be migrated and maintenance metrics.
Applications Maintenance
Cogent has built frameworks and automation capabilities to transition projects, manage SLAs and improve performance.
Mobile and Cloud Applications
With experience in both native (Android & iOS) and hybrid (Xamarin and others), Cogent provides a wide portfolio of services for mobile application.
Cogent helps in modernizing the monolithic applications to microservices based application. It also helps in application portfolio rationalization.
QA & Testing Automation
Cogent has experience in both manual and automation testing. We have comprehensive portfolio spanning through Regression, Performance, Whitebox, Web Services/API/SDK, API Management, Functional Acceptance, End-to-End Compatibility, System Integration and Usability testing
Data Security Services
Cogent provides data security and data protection services to help protect company’s data against internal and external threats
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services
Cogent provides a product agnostic consultancy around Identity and Access Management. Cogent also has extensive experience in working with the major IAM platforms.
Infrastructure and Endpoint Services
Cogent Infrastructure and endpoint security services designed to mitigate and minimize enterprise data and network risk, improve security protection, and support business innovation and growth
Cloud Migration
Cogent resources have worked on Cloud Migration Services with proven migration approaches. Cogent provides secure, efficient and streamlined cloud migration.
DevOps Automation
Cogent ensures that software releases are shorter and quality of deployment is improved. With experience in both open source ad enterprise platforms, Cogent can provide both the transformational and maintenance services.
IaaS, Paas & SaaS
Cogent has experience in planning, migration and managing all the key platform structure, which has varying degrees of complexity.
Infrastructure Support
Cogent plans, builds and manages cloud environments that allow users to operate with easier, faster, and cost-efficient workloads.

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